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Alan Pelaez Lopez and Ariana Brown’s debut poetry collections were released in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This performance showcases Pelaez Lopez’s to love and mourn in the age of displacement and Intergalactic Travels: poems from a fugitive alien paired with Brown’s Sana Sana.

Combining Pelaez Lopez’s 10 years of organizing with Black and queer migrants and Brown’s 10-year-long spoken word and teaching career, this performance creates an interactive experience that addresses the joyful and traumatic conditions of the Black child in the U.S.; imagines Black queer futures outside of state-sanctioned violence; and offers concrete tools to help individuals and their communities rethink how we offer and accept care from one another.

This performance echoes Brown’s sentiment, “I have never needed heaven, just Black people,” and Pelaez Lopez’s notion that “we create abundance where we thought there was none.” Following the performance, both poets will engage in a live dialogue.

  • 1-Hour Dual Performance with Ariana Brown and 30-Minute Live Dialogue
  • Live Performances must take place as Zoom webinars or through StreamYard


  • 1-Hour, 30-Minute Workshops co-facilitated by Alan Pelaez Lopez & Ariana Brown
  • Workshops must take place as a Zoom meetings.

Visions for the Future: Writing the Worlds We Want to Live in

This workshop takes up pre- and post-apocalyptic poetics. As a community of writers, we will address the following questions: What was life before the apocalypse? What do we deserve as a people in order to propel into safe and healing futures? And what is easy in the future that was terrifying in the years prior to 2021? 

Gender, Sexuality, Freedom

Gender and sexuality inform not only how we see ourselves, but how we experience the world. In this workshop, we explore how gender and sexual orientation affect our relationships to power and freedom.

Beauty & Black Hair

There is such beauty, uniqueness, and possibility in Blackness. In this workshop, designed for all Black participants, we will talk about our relationships to Black hair. Since we come in many textures, we will talk about how our hair is perceived by ourselves and others, who taught us about our hair, and all the joys and pain associated with it. We will use writing prompts and group dialogue to build community with one another and affirm our unique experiences as Black folks.



Art as Civil Disobedience: Blackness, migration, and criminality

What does it mean to write poetry when you can be criminalized, incarcerated, and deported at any moment? This is the reality for many undocumented, refugee, asylum seekers, and migrant creators. This art talk centers Alan Pelaez Lopez’s relationship to poetry as a refuge in which to process state-violence, but also a place of contestation because if the artist says too much, their family and friends can also become targets of the state. Through the artist talk, Pelaez Lopez will share their journey as an immigrant creator, how they have negotiated the law and the art world, and the limits and possibilities of art as civil disobedience.


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